Julekuler generator

Help - How to use the pattern generator

You don't know how to begin? Here's how it works:


Firstly you choose the colors you want to use on your Christmas ball. You can define your own color palette with up to six different colors.

Julekuler generator: Colors

Start drawing

Pick one of those colors and start drawing your design on the four-sided template. Every side represents one quarter of your ball or a needle during your knitting process later.

Julekuler generator: Start drawing

View in 3d

If you want to see what it will look like on the finished ball, just click "Update 3d view" and check out your pattern on the rotatable ball below.

Julekuler generator: View in 3d

Copy sides

Also, you can copy one side of the template to another one or to all other sides by selecting the appropriate command in the list "Copy sides". In our example, it was "1->all" and consequently, the first side was copied to all of the others.

Julekuler generator: Copy sides Julekuler generator: Copy sides

Edit in Sync

Furthermore, you can draw parts of your design in all four sections of the pattern simultaneously by activating the check on "edit in sync", so you don't have to do the same change all over again.

Julekuler generator: Edit in sync

Save it & Share it

Finally you can simply choose a name for your finished design and save it as a bookmark. Click on "Save" and you will see a popup window that tells you how to bookmark your pattern. If you're satisfied with your design, you can directly share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimately, you can export it into a picture that can be printed by clicking "Save to image ".

Julekuler generator: Save it and Share it Julekuler generator: Save it and Share it

If you need further instructions on knitting Julekuler then you might buy Arne & Carlos' book with more precise information and over 50 different colorful Christmas patterns.

It really is highly recommendable.

Any other problems or questions? Let us know.


The template pattern does not apper, I cannot choose colors, and basically nothing works

The application requires a modern browser with canvas-support, please be sure, you meet those requirements (Google Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, >=IE9)

How to activate WebGL in safari browsers?

  1. Open the Safari menu and select Preferences.
  2. Then, click the Advanced tab in the Preferences window.
  3. Then, at the bottom of the window, check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox.
  4. Then, open the Develop menu in the menu bar and select Enable WebGL.